观 众 须 知
  1. 请您着装整洁,持有效票券,按序入场。
  2. 请勿将食品、饮料带入观众厅内。
  3. 1米以下儿童谢绝入场,1米以上儿童凭票入场(儿童专场除外)。
  4. 未经许可,场内严禁拍照、录音、录像。
  5. 进场观看演出时,请关掉手机等响闹装置或将其置于静音状态。
  6. 请照顾好您的小孩,不要在观众厅内乱跑,以免摔伤。
  7. 严禁在场内大声喧哗。
  8. 演出期间请勿随意走动。
  9. 迟到的观众请在门口稍候,待一个曲目结束后在服务员引领下轻轻入场,就近入座。
  10. 中场休息出门时请向门口服务员领取副券入场。
  11. 场内严禁吸烟、嚼口香糖。
  12. 入场前请将您的书包、衣物等存放在大堂一层的衣帽间处。
  13. 剧院的卫生间在大堂南侧。
  14. 演出票售出后概不退换。
  15. 如遇突发事件,请大家不要惊慌,听从工作人员指挥,安全有序退场。


Notices to Our Patron
  1. All members of the audience should be appropriately dressed for the performance, all members of the audience must have a valid ticket to enter the auditorium.
  2. No food and drink is permitted in the auditorium.
  3. Children under 1m in height are not permitted in the auditorium, children over 1m in height are required to purchase separate tickets. Except the performances specially arranged for children.
  4. Please do not take photographs or make audio or video recordings in the auditorium without permission.
  5. Please make sure all pagers and mobile phones are switched off during the performance.
  6. If you have brought children with you, please do not let them run around in the auditorium, so that they do not fall and hurt themselves.
  7. Please remain silent during the performance.
  8. Please remain seated while the performance is in progress.
  9. Latecomers will be asked to wait at the entrance of the auditorium until there is a break in the performance. We asked the any latecomers enter the auditorium quietly under the supervision of ushers.
  10. If you leave the auditorium during the interval, please obtain a ticket-stub from one of the ushers so that you maybe readmitted.
  11. Smoking and chewing gum are strictly prohibited in the auditorium.
  12. Please store coats and purses in our cloakroom on the south side of the lobby before you enter the auditorium.
  13. Toilets are located on either side of the lobby.
  14. Tickets sold are non-fundable and non-exchangeable.
  15. In case of emergencies, please don’t panic, follow the directions of our staff and exit in order.

Thank you for your generous cooperation, and hope you'll enjoy the performance.
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